What we do?

Through our PR and media relations work, we deliver the media coverage that our clients want – whether this is through their own platform by building campaigns and strategy or by utilizing any other e-media platform (local or international e-magazines). We achieve thousands of pieces of media coverage for our clients every year.

  • Use its strong allies in the media industry, to increase brand awareness
  • Get celebrity and social media influencer’s endorsement for the brand, on behalf of it
  • Designs campaigns around the celebrities for the brand to grow its client base through influence
  • Helps the brand in creating a good will by recognition, shout outs and recommendations from celebrities and social media influencers
  • If required by the brand, Didot also offers the services of a dedicated resource for managing brand’s PR;
    • The dedicated resource acts as a representative of the brand in the media industry
    • Ensures effective coordination between the brand and influencers
    • Contact the agents to ensure that brand has a mark in the eye of the influential people

Why is it important to link up with us?

Since, Social media magazines are highly saturated and incredibly challenging. Imagine for a minute that you own a magazine and receive hundreds of emails a day and immense pressure to meet deadlines. This is where our excellent PR and media relations service comes into play. Having clear objectives, a strong strategy and crucially the right stories with strong narratives, are vital in order to achieve the right media coverage.

Our team members themselves appear in the media all the time and instinctively understand and promote valuable brands.

Strengths and Intentions:

Our team of PR and Media Relations experts can work with you to create the best possible media image for your brand/company, including:

  • Identifying right forum to publish content
  • Advising on how you present your story to the media
  • Creating your narrative and selling in your stories to the media
  • Production of content for social media
  • Feature shoots with socialites to create content
  • High end spotted images from influences and celebrities
  • Coordination and Production of brand’s shoots.
  • Tailoring materials and story angles for your audiences to maximize your content coverage
  • Devising PR campaigns to deliver your desired objectives
  • Full media monitoring and reporting
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Contact Us:

To find out more about our PR and Media Relations services, and to request a fully-tailored proposal for your brand and its needs, contact us at +92310-4440523 or didot@sucsel.co

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